When is a Clan not a Clan? ..... When it's a House!


Welcome to the website of the North Carolina chapter of the House of Gordon, we hope to provide you with the most up-to-date information concerning Scottish events in the state and throughout the US. Our newsletter has recently been sent out, we hope all members have recieved it, if you have not, please feel free to email our convener to recieve your copy of the newsletter. (convener@houseofgordon-nc.org)

The House of Gordon is proud to present a special offer in 2007, a Sterling Silver Clan Badge! This hand crafted Scottish Crest Badge, 2" in diameter is made of 92.5% pure Sterling Silver, it is highly detailed, the Belt has the House of Gordon motto "BYDAND" ("remaining" or "steadfast"). Within the belt is the crest of the Gordon Clan Chief with the famouse Stag's Head.

Email John Lowery for more information and ask him about the members special price on the Sterling Silver Crest!


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